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Owner & Lead Developer, October 2000 - present

I founded & own AutoBeef LLC. CarComplaints.com is the website at the heart of the business, which tracks vehicle problem trends by analyzing complaint data submitted by visitors. It's unique in that complaint data is organized into logical areas (brakes, engine, electrical, etc.) & displayed in graphical form on several levels. From the user-submitted data, we are able to produce extremely useful & unique statistics including average cost to repair, average mileage at failure, and the most common solutions to each vehicle problem.

CarComplaints.com is comprised of tens of thousands of dynamically generated static web pages, created from a MySQL database through a Perl management backend. I successfully implemented the concept well before other major sites began using the same system (i.e. Experts Exchange). This method greatly reduces server load, and has several major benefits related to search engines. The site makes heavy use of cross-browser Javascript components, now based on the jQuery library, utilizing AJAX/JSON for advanced user interaction in several areas such as the add complaint page.

AutoBeef LLC is also comprised of several other websites including FordProblems.com, DodgeProblems.com, HondaProblems.com and other similar domains, as well as several defect-specific websites such as OilSludge.com & SteeringProblems.com (coming soon). Along with CarComplaints.com, these websites have experienced explosive growth over the past several years & collectively serve well over a million unique visitors per month.


Traffic & Growth Analysis / Usability & Design Review / SEO & SEM, 1997 - present

Over the years I've moved away from site design to providing consulting services to several local & not-so-local businesses. I don't have the time for ground-up web design projects (that aren't my own) & can be more effective in providing analysis & recommendations for existing websites, based on my knowledge & wide range of experience in the industry. Recent clients include:

Past clients include:


Senior Web Developer, November 2000 - September 2007

At Dealer.com I was responsible for the development and management of all templated dealer website code including XHTML, CSS & integration with Dealer.com's custom data methods. My job responsibilities were to develop new, cutting-edge features, to complete advanced custom work requests, to manage the overall quality of code produced by other members of my team, & to produce visitor-friendly, fully browser-compatible websites. I also trained junior web developers, developed workflow & troubleshooting tools for internal company use, & provided tier-1 support for the production & support teams.

I specialized in advanced Javascript coding & XHTML-compliant CSS-based layouts. I was the lead developer for several major dealer website components including the inventory listing & vehicle details pages.


Web Designer/Consultant, June 2005

Stones Throw Imports sells handmade stone mats and tableware imported from New Zealand. They needed a clean, professional looking website done quickly with basic product info, contact & ordering ability.


Owner & Lead Developer, 1996 - 1998

I owned & operated the premier MP3 information website Layer3.org. Before MP3.COM came along, Layer3.org was the primary source of MP3 information including software listings & reviews, receiving 7.5 million unique visitors a month at its peak. At one point, Layer3.org also served as Winamp.com's Plugins section.

1998 was before the dawn of Internet-based advertising & bandwidth fees were still ridiculously high. I couldn't keep up with the bills on my college student budget. The site suffered a series of massive outtages as I scrambled to find budget web hosts, that kept inconveniently going out of business. I eventually had to shut the site down.


Web Designer/Consultant, October 1999 - August 2000

I was responsible for creating a comprehensive website covering all programs of the Burlington Y. Managed by staff with limited HTML experience, they are able to change frequently updated information on the website through a custom web-based management system of forms & Perl scripts. This system includes managing the news & upcoming events, employment listings, seasonal class lists, facility schedules, & staff directory. During the mornings & afternoons I also taught pre-schoolers through 7th graders to use computers.

The HTML code of the YMCA's website is now extremely outdated & predates common use of CSS.


Web Designer/Consultant, 1997 - 1998

Between 1997 & 1998, I developed websites over summer breaks for the Water Resources Board, Environmental Board, & Public Service Board. My work from those years hasn't been significantly altered in the intervening years. I spent a lot of time training employees, & developing systems where secretaries with no HTML skills could publish web pages directly from WordPerfect documents (this was well before the "Save As HTML" option).


  • Most aspects of the Internet including web consulting, design, implementation, training, marketing, domain management & SEO/SEM.
  • Writing browser-compatible DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript (object-oriented or not), CSS & XML. I code by hand rather than using FrontPage etc.
  • Perl, MySQL, custom management tools, data manipulation (expert with regular expressions), user-friendly design & interaction.
  • Popular applications including Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FrontPage, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, Quattro Pro.
  • Most web-related protocols including HTTP (and Apache), SSL, S/FTP, SSH, telnet, email ...
  • Expert using Windows (from Vista back to 3.0) and DOS. Very familiar with Linux/Unix environments, but not at an expert level.


University of Vermont

Mechanical Engineering, Fall Semester, 1997

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering & Design, 1995 - 1997

Peoples Academy

Class of 1995, graduated with honors, National Honor Society member, 4th in graduating class.


I worked for Camp Abnaki on Lake Champlain as Boating Director for 5 years, & continue to enjoy windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing & kayaking. I also ride, snowshoe, bike & hike, & enjoy long walks on the beach with my wife & our two daughters.


available on request